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27-Oct-2017 04:52

And then they get a chance to write out questions on a “Dear Sue” question card. SJ: Yeah, because they won’t put up their hands and say: “My boyfriend shoots too fast! So it’s about two and a half hours–my presentation. So that’s what I do, and then I’m off all summer, you see… You just turn out all the lights, pitch black, and crawl around barebutt naked on the floor. What are some of the best sex toys you can recommend?

TM: Very nice, so now you get to hang out by the lake. TM: So what do you think is one of the biggest misconceptions about sex? SJ: Well, there are of sex toys–and they keep coming out with new ones.

She was waiting by the phone for me to call, getting ready to go out by the lake–she lives on the beautiful Lake Simcoe, just above Toronto.

As she answered the phone, I could tell she wanted to be outside on such a nice Summer day, so the conversation started off slow and I was worried it might not be as fun or funny an interview as I had assumed it would be, but as soon as I hit the record button and we started talking sex she was fully animated, telling jokes and being the Sue Johanson we all know and love.

TM: Do you think that’s because…well, obviously part of that is because anal sex is becoming more popular and, I guess, accepted as standard practice, but don’t you think it is also that people are asking those questions more now because it is the one thing that is still taboo, so they feel the need to ask more questions about it because it’s one of the few things they have trouble finding actual good information about? TM: That definitely is how it is seen these days, for sure.

SJ: But that scares me if they’re not practicing safer sex. But that really scares me, the prevalence of bum sex, yeah…

So how could we turn up the heat even further for our readers this month?

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She wanted to know–and these are her words–”how do I give a blowjob, I have false teeth?!?! With the lights off, you take your teeth out, give him a blowjob, and then put your teeth back in, turn the lights back on, and ! TM: So I think part of your charm is, as I’ve said, that you’re uninhibited and open-minded, but I think also some of that charm comes from the fact that you’re this adorable older lady so I think you can say things–especially on American TV–that I think if it were said by someone else people might be embarrassed or offended and might not be as apt to tune in. SJ: Yes, there is no doubt that the reason I am able to get away with murder–and I’m not kidding, –is because I am older. So it’s much easier to do it under those circumstances. SJ: Um, first and foremost: So you have to think of fun things to do. ” TM: Are there certain sex acts or sex toys that you don’t recommend–that are either pretty big on the market or that a lot of people do or use, but that you think are probably not the healthiest or best things to do? You know the ones that go…well, there’s one specific one that is out that just terrifies me: one end goes into her rectum, one end goes into her vagina and one end goes into his rectum. That is another topic that is controversial, nobody will talk about it in school. And yet, you know, our kids are doing it–whether we like it or not.

” When 1/10th of the questions I get today are about bum sex, then I know we’ve got a problem. One in every ten questions from both males and females are about anal sex. The main taboo used to be getting a blowjob, but now, hey, they do that on the first date.