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30-Jul-2017 08:31

This should speed things up and improve reliability in general for those in the Europe/Asia region.

I hope to have more news to share with you shortly. There have been connectivity issues for some of our services, so we’ve been given a new IP, and I did not know this beforehand (there are other admins for this specific dedicated server, too).

Now, I cannot possibly abate every kind of hack out there, but if you wish to cheat, been moved to a new host.

In the end of the third level a large wave of penguins came out, walked slowly forward for five seconds and then charged incredibly fast to the right side of the screen.

We kept losing to those penguins and kept trying to beat them again with different tactics and different guns - it was endless fun.

The game uses awesome sounds from Counter-Strike and, despite being pixel-art, has one of the most satisfying gore I’ve seen in my life. We played the game the entire evening back then: it was insanely addictive, despite being incredibly short.

As I learned later, you could finish Seal Hunter in seven minutes, but it was almost impossible to do.I showed the game to a number of friends back then and we all had a blast playing it.

“In the middle I said ‘I have no idea why anyone would call this Ecstasy or do this as a party-drug. I was also scared that I was gonna come out of that session a raw-hamburger-meat, deconstructed person, but that was not what happened.” The MDMA allowed her to access the memories that were plaguing her, without them overwhelming her.… continue reading »

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All this time I thought I was in a dream until my friend pointed out that they weren’t throwback photos, but they actually reunited after 3 years (they reunited back in 2013).… continue reading »

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Pada 11 November 2015, "Saat-saat" fitur Tinder pensiun.… continue reading »

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