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23-Oct-2017 21:58

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The time for wallowing in the sweet melancholy of comforting songs about loneliness has passed, and self pity has gone out of style quicker than a Walmart Christmas jumper. In fact, it now seems clear that these aren’t songs about loneliness anymore; these are songs about independence, and they are about freedom.It is ironic that often, the people who enjoy the very best relationships are the ones who feel the most comfortable in their own company, the ones who are ok with being single.Tipsys is meant to help lonely women connect with other lonely women.This isn’t like a female-only version of Grindr, though, but a social network engineered to help women find real-life friendships.Who’d have thought it - things are looking brighter. Whitesnake are here to explode your worries away using the healing power of hair metal.

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Listen to those dark violins, those morose cellos; listen to the tragic E minor harmonies and the unbearably depressing lyrics. Revel in the Fab Four’s deliciously mournful nectar.

Alternatively: stand by a deserted motorway and stare out at the beckoning horizon as the sun sets, then raise one solemn yet defiant fist in the air and stride meaningfully into the distance like John Bender at the end of The Breakfast Club.

And thus we arrive at the crescendo of our sonic journey, with Whitney here to bring it home.

It seems Robyn, Billy and Whitney had it right: you’ve got to learn to dance by yourself before you can dance with a partner.

And once you’re back on your feet, feeling fresh and ready to take on the world? You may even find special someone that shares your undying passion for vintage Whitesnake records.If the reason that you just clicked on an article entitled ‘Songs about Loneliness’ is because you’re currently sitting on your laptop or phone with tear stained cheeks, a quivering bottom lip, and are surrounded by empty 2 litre tubs of Häagen-Dazs, it’s probably safe to assume you’re seeking a cure for those heart-nibbling lonely pangs.

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