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There was one memorable night when I walked forth with my head throbbing and my whole frame quivering from the villa of Mr. Behind me the brazen glare of Dowlais iron-works lit up the sky, and in front twinkled the many lights of the Welsh town.

For two hours my wife and I had sat within listening to the whispering voices of the dead, voices which are so full of earnest life, and of desperate endeavours to pierce the barrier of our dull senses.

CHAPTER XII Pleasing letters.—Visit to Candy.—Snake and Flying Fox.— Buddha's shrine.—The Malaya.—Naval digression.— Indian trader.—Elephanta.—Sea snakes.—Chained to a tombstone.—Berlin's escape.—Lord Chetwynd.—Lecture in the Red Sea.—Marseilles.

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CHAPTER IV Speculations on Paul and his Master.—Arrival at Melbourne.— Attack in the Argus.—Partial press boycott.—Strength of the movement.—The Prince of Wales.—Victorian football.

I had found that the wonderful literature of Spiritualism did not reach the people, and that the press was so full of would- be jocosities and shallow difficulties that the public were utterly misled.