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29-Jul-2017 07:03

I’ve never been shy about sharing my triumphs or failures so I’ll pick up the microphone and tell you how I almost became a “.”Falling in love by definition means making yourself vulnerable. What little time is left is spent in the gym or flying general aviation aircraft maybe the one true passion in my life.

Each step down the path potentially opens you up putting you further at risk. Turning to an online dating site seemed like a no brainer.

Maybe hearing the testimony of someone you know will help you avoid the same pit falls.

I’ve spent my life on stage in one form or another, first as a rocker barnstorming across America and in later years as an on air talking head.

By doing so the conversations are now totally private, out of the view of company monitors who may be online looking for signs of fraud.

Ok, now you’re emailing back and forth and the hunter is probing for information.

Soon after we started communicating Kim asked me to email her.

She was getting off Match but wanted to keep in touch with me. Red Flag 2 - Eventually the dating ritual whether traditional or online leads to just what you were looking for in the first place, a DATE!

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As a matter of fact a personal encounter almost never takes place especially since most are directing their operations from an overseas location.

Some send winks and others start right off with an email.