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The World Wide Web has made it much easier to search for classmates, vendors, favors, and do all kinds of research to help plan the event.The Web has also made communicating with classmates and collecting information so much easier than it was prior to the internet age.Classmates who visit the website will see it as a sign that you are serious about the reunion and will help to spread the word.Reunions are about nostalgia, so putting up a lot of pictures and stories from high school is highly recommended.We will examine the key elements in forming a committee and what the committee does later in this chapter.If you can get a committee together and you are commemorating a milestone reunion, your chances are pretty good for generating a lot of interest in a reunion.There is a natural tendency for people to want to reacquaint with old friends and see what paths people took since having graduated from high school.STEP 2: Create A Website At this stage, you want to start to create some interest in the reunion. The more content that you can put on the website the better.

Invite everyone who visits the website to register on the Classmates page and to tell their friends about the website.

Thanks to do it yourself reunion website builders like the one at My, the task of creating a reunion website has been made extremely easy.

One of the chapters in this book will be devoted to getting the most out of your website, and throughout the book we will throw in tips on how your website can help with your reunion planning. With the increasing popularity of social networks such as Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter, there’s a whole new way of getting the word out.

The suggestions in this book apply to a reunion with as little as 50 classmates or more than 500, and they are valid if you are planning a 5-year reunion or a 50-year reunion.

Most reunions occur around milestone anniversaries such as the 10-year, 20-year or 30-year mark, although odd-numbered years work as well.

They are also good to leave with vendors and once again show a level of seriousness that usually results in a well - attended and successful event.