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This is Sagar Chawla signing off on behalf of Akshay Maanay, Pratyush Sinha, Abhinand Raghavendran, Pradeep Krishnamurthy and our scorer Shashikant Singh. --------------------------------------------------------We leave you with a few stats, courtesy Deepu Narayanan Fewest Tests to 300 wickets:54 R Ashwin*56 D Lillee58 M Muralitharan61 R Hadlee/ M Marshall/ D Steyn63 S Warne/ A Donald64 A Donald Ashwin breaks Dennis Lillee's record exactly 36 years after the latter set it (). That's why we asked for pitches that have a bit more life in it, bit of help for the fast bowlers. Unfortunately we were outplayed from the first day. When you're playing against India, you've got to score 350-plus. We said to the guys - if you get a start you have to go on. Mathews is the senior-most guy in the batting line-up. The wicket columns were always empty but now I am taking wickets and even the tactics are working.It's something I've wanted to better myself (converting hundreds to daddy ones). When you lose concentration after hundred, you can lose two wickets quickly after that. It's important to buckle up after the hundred so the team can be in a good position. Vijay was playing after a while, he takes a lot of pride in playing Test cricket. Ishant, Shami and Umesh haven't played so much recently. Right now whenever you get an opportunity, you have to take wickets and perform for the team.(2/2) It (break from white-ball cricket) has brought different perspectives to life in general.Was tossed up well outside off, Chandimal fetches it from well outside off and goes for the slog sweep. Ashwin gives a bit of flight and Shanaka buries low to sweep. Shanaka steps out of his crease, and swings his bat hard in the direction of the spin.Gets it off the top portion of the bat, the ball goes miles up and falls in the vacant deep mid-wicket region. Goes over the deep square leg fence Ashwin to Shanaka, FOUR, oh! Doesn't middle it, but has enough legs to go past the boundary rope Ishant to Shanaka, 1 run, bowls the short ball to the new batsman, Shanaka shuffles across a tad and pulls it off the top portion of the bat.The hand speed is obviously important, me and Jaddu, both of us bowl at an ideal speed and that helps. Grip, turn, squares Gamage up and flicks off-stump. Lakmal opted for the cut, which wasn't the ideal option with the ball coming in, and he's lucky that it just about misses off-stump U Yadav to Chandimal, out Caught by Ashwin!! They don't come any filthier than this delivery - a leg-stump stinker - and Chandimal has swung it straight down fine leg's throat. Weird review U Yadav to Chandimal, 2 runs, tailing back in this time, and Chandimal is unable to flick it along the ground.We are a lot more blessed than what the other greats were with all the technology at our disposal. 300 Test wickets for Ashwin, becoming the fastest bowler to get there in Test history. He doesn't even know how to react as he walks back, nor does Umesh who gets to 99 Test wickets. But he manages to flick it past short mid-wicket and wide of the fielder in the deep.I have worked on different releases of the carrom ball and different loading positions. Did stay a touch low from Yadav, but not as much as Chandimal suggested there.With us traveling more, more subtlety is important. He was done in by the inward slant Ashwin to Lakmal, no run, tosses it up outside off, Lakmal drives to the left of point where substitute Vijay Shankar makes a diving stop. Here's Ashwin looking for his milestone A session that was completely dominated by the hosts. Seven wickets in the session and most of them courtesy to loose shots.

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Chandimal takes the front leg out of the equation and goes hard on his cut. The finger goes up and Dilruwan Perera signals 'T' to review an lbw call. From round the wicket, he bowls a seam-up delivery on a back of a length that shapes away a tad around off.

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India have built up a head of steam in Test cricket, and it's all leading up to that tour of South Africa. Biggest innings wins for India:inn and 239 runs v SL, Nagpur, 2017*inn and 239 runs v Ban, Dhaka, 2007inn and 219 runs v Aus, Kolkata, 1999inn and 198 runs v NZ, Nagpur, 2010inn and 171 runs v SL, Pallekele, 2017Biggest innings defeats for SL:inn and 239 runs v Ind, Nagpur, 2017*inn and 229 runs v SA, Cape Town, 2001inn and 208 runs v SA, Colombo SSC, 1993inn and 201 runs v Aus, MCG, 2012Fewest balls to 300 wickets among spinners:15634 R Ashwin*18501 S Warne18622 M Muralitharan19367 R Herath19867 Harbhajan Fewest days from debut to 300 Test wickets: 2196 S Warne2214 R Ashwin*2570 I Botham2577 G Mc Grath2798 S Broad2822 M Johnson Highest % of innings defeats inflicted upon an opponent: (excludes Zim & Ban)25.58 India against SL (11/43)24.00 SA against SL (6/25)Most wins as captain after 31 Tests:23 Ricky Ponting (3 losses)21 Steve Waugh (5)20 Virat Kohli (3)*19 M Vaughan (5)--------------------------------------------------------Kohli was also the Man of the Match, so there's that Kohli: The pitch was very good to bat on. This one deteriorated pretty quickly from the second day onwards. If he's not scoring, the batting line-up has let us down. It all depends on the fitness, all thanks to Basu sir, pushing everyone hard and Virat is setting the example.

Kohli, the fielder, leapt to his left, couldn't gather it in the first attempt. Angling in on a short of a good length and the ball nipped away after pitching.

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The ball lobbed up and the skipper takes it easily with his right hand. Chandimal is cut in half by this tossed up delivery that pitches well outside off and turns in a mile. Extra bounce as well and there's not much you can do as a batsman.My fitness also helped me to push harder, bat for longer periods. It has been a longer break than I have been used to in the last 8-9 years.