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And his cousin, Laura – his aunt’s daughter – was also there. Girls, for instance, like me.” Laura let her hand drift over the fly of his pants, gently rubbing her palm over the hardening bulge in his pants.She was 23 and had just graduated from the college that Steven would be attending come September. About parties and drinking and where your limits are.” Laura grinned. Steven glanced at her while driving down the back roads. Steven sighed at the touch of his cousin’s hand, and grinned as his heart rate increased.Laura smiled as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back, enjoying the pleasure treatment her cousin was giving her.Yes, she thought, the college girls were going to love him.She lightly gripped fistfuls of his short hair as his mouth suckled her breasts and his finger rubbed her clit. She had felt his hard cock pressing against her through his pants for far too long. She pulled his pants and boxers down below his ass, letting them fall to his ankles.Steven’s erection stood proudly between his stomach and hers.She locked his lips to hers once again for a passionate kiss.

She had not forgotten that this was his first time, and she knew how new the feelings were that he was having and how incredible he must feel.Steven fired up the Lexus and pulled out of the drive. She watched the enjoyment on her young cousin’s face as she exposed her breasts to him.

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