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19-Aug-2017 09:13

If you understand all of this you’re doing better than most of the men I meet online.

I encourage you to take your learning a step further.

Many men also believe that transsexuals have an unlimited sex drive and they want to have nasty sex with every man they encounter.

This is also a false notion that can get you in trouble with the TS girls.

I can tell you that I find it very stimulating when a man is a gentleman who displays some knowledge of the transgender world. I find it incredibly sexy when a man treats me with respect, understands me and wants to do more than just get laid.

Speaking for myself, I can tell you he is likely to be a very happy man!

Do you want to meet shemales, transsexuals or crossdressers? The fact is that transsexuals have many opportunities for male attention.

Many of them are well intentioned but they lack the basic knowledge that will allow them to take their transsexual fantasy into the realm of reality. You wouldn’t walk up to a woman and say, you’re a hot ass shemale would you?While it’s true we’re a different from genetic weomen, and we may enjoy sex very much, we don’t like being treated like trash.So what you have in a TS is someone who identifies as female gender but who has the genitalia of a male, unless she has completed gender reassignment surgery to become a woman.It’s a sad fact that most men treat transsexuals as a sex objects or freaks with no other redeeming characteristics.

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The truth is that you’ll find transsexuals to be sensitive, caring and intelligent people.It’s fairly concise, yet thorough enough to give you a firm understanding of how to meet TS women, how to treat us and how to move your transsexual fantasy into the realm of reality.

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