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15-Dec-2017 10:00

When you visit these places, you can be able to see that there are lots of foreigners hanging about in clubs, bars and nightlife areas.They mostly cater to Asian and Western tourists and even wealthy local men.Going from Makati to EDSA (Pasay City) would mean for you to get a taxi cab which would cost around Php 200 just make sure that you know your way around as there are several reports of scam taxi drivers who would rip you off especially if you don’t know your way around.If you are off in an adventure, you can try their colorful jeepneys but I don’t think that Filipina girls would appreciate you if you ask them ride the jeepneys. Traffic is terrible though in Manila during the day time and rush hours.Girls are not the prettiest but they are extremely talented in bed.Flamingo – another big club in Makati area and it houses about 80 girls.Medium priced hotels can be in between Php 2,500 or up per night.If you have the budget, you can be able to stay at luxury hotels starting at Php 5,000 a night.

They are also good looking with their black hair, black eyes and slim figures.

But if you are in Manila to try out the nightlife, then you should not worry about the traffic as you will mostly just be wandering the city during the night – where there is little or no traffic.

Here are some of the top places or bars where you can be able to find a girl and have sex in Manila.

If you get lucky, the cost of having sex with these freelancers can go from Php 1,500 for a short time or Php 2,000 to 2,500 for long time.

If you want to get free sex in Manila, then read this article. You can still be able to do some soft bargaining but that depends on your negotiation skills.

It is just a matter of getting approached or approaching the “right” type of woman.